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Acupuncture without Needles- this sounds amazing!

Emotional Freedom technique is a do-it-yourself procedure to fight pain. The use of this technique in the clinics worldwide can introduce a major revolution in pain management. The founders have named it- Emotional Freedom Technique. This technique has reported the effectiveness of about 80%. This needleless technique is out performing the pain relief drugs. This is a procedure which got into the lime light because of its remarkable benefits. The best thing about this treatment is that this can be learned by anyone for free. The free package is available on the internet by the name-“EFT Get Started Package”.

The estimated cost of the chronic pain in United States is about $50 billion every year. Thus, chronic pain has become State’s costliest health problem. About 7 million people are affected by back pain resulting in complete or partial disability. Occasional back pain cases are also growing in number day by day. About $4 billion are spent every year to fight with arthritis. 40 million people are affected by this cruel disease. Another $4 billion are spent on the medication of the chronic and recurrent headaches. The main problem with the drugs in the marker is that the side effects of these drugs can be serious. These types of drugs don’t always work and the pain generally returns after a period of time. National Institutes of Health have approved acupuncture as one of the promising treatments. This technique is actually an ancient Oriental exercise. In this process needles are inserted at key points of the client’s body along the energy meridians. Acupuncture improves the condition of the body by eliminating the blockages along the energy meridians. This allows energy to flow easily and hence relieves pain. The new and improved acupuncture technique which has come out in the market by the name- Emotional Freedom Technique, will take the pain relieving techniques like acupuncture to a higher level. In the EFT procedure fingertips are tapped gently on the vital acupuncture points. The dedicated thoughts effectively reduce the pain. The physicians who have used this technique for pain relief confirm that this technique has been successful in almost 80% cases of back pain, headache, arthritis, cancer pain and the throbbing due to other reasons.

An EFT practitioner from Australia, Steve Wells took this test on a Vietnam War trouper with prolonged lower back pain. His pain disappeared in less than a minute. The War Veteran tried to get the pain back but the pain was gone completely. Steve Wells observed the same with the cases of headaches, knee pains and shoulder pains etc. One more physician states that by using EFT her clients got rid of the discomfort and pain from neck stiffness, PMS, hiccups, hangovers, headaches, allergies, asthma and post operation conditions. The best part of this treatment is that it often works when the conventional remedies fail. According to one more doctor, negative emotions and stress are not just in our mind. They are warehoused in our bodies. Blood finds it difficult to flow through the muscles which are habitually tensed. This therapy is in complete agreement with the theories of John Sarno. He is a professor at the New York University. He teaches the subject-Rehabilitation Medicine. He is known to treat his patients by the anger management and not by drugs. Dr. Robins accepts this needle-less technique as a fast growing remedy for pain. He considers this technique as the fastest anger management therapy. According to him, this therapy can be taught to the clients in just a few minutes and it has extraordinary results. This therapy deals with the underlying causes of the pain. The time is not far when this phenomenal technique will become widely accepted self- help technique. About 440,000 practitioners are subscribing its online newsletter every weak. More than 5,000 physicians worldwide are downloading this technique every weak. These stats only show that this new therapy is terrific and worth learning.