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Another Back Pain Testimonial


I want to share something interesting with you. I used to suffer with a back problem and needed a cure desperately. This was the time when I came across EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) on the web. It worked wonders for me and so here I am sharing it with you.

A bus hit my friend and she was left with terrible back and neck problems. She used to experience so much pain that there would be spasms. At such moments she had great difficulty in movements. She tried everything possible including visits to doctors and healers but the treatments resulted in temporary relief only. Now she used to suffer disabling pain with her crooked back. The best relief she could get was from NUCCA chiropractic. But even that did not last long, beside it required her to visit every 1-3 months for the next 13 years. I realized she could be helped with EFT and I decided to teach it to her. She was instructed by me to do the works as much as possible and then let me know the result. It was almost a year back and now I can proudly claim that there has been no need for her to go for a back adjustment during this period.
During the initial month, whenever she was in pain she used to tap. She says that there was feeling of tingles going down and up her spine while working on it and that is when she knew that changes were taking place.

Her visits to the chiropractor continued, even though it was just to be able to use the x-rays to monitor her back for which she has not needed any adjustment after starting EFT. She says that while visiting the doctor last time, she was told that her back was showing almost perfect alignment. The doctor felt very happy to report this and believed that the positive results were because of his work.

I requested her to tell him about EFT but she says that he does not approve of it and she does not want to offend him. However, now the truth is known by everyone because the documentary evidence has already been completed by the doctor.

Thanks a lot EFT.