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Another EFT Miracle


I had a patient who had been grieving the death of his father and brother for 8 and 7 years respectively.
Initially, I didn’t know how I could help him, so I came up with a metaphor which I used on him. The metaphor included telling him that he had imprisoned his father and brother in his heart. I convinced him to open up his heart and let them go and that his father and brother would come back and go in his heart as they wanted.

The metaphor worked. Very soon he became at peace with himself and his grief started dissolving. He however occasionally used phrases such as:
I have been very lonely since the death of my brother and father
I miss my brother and father terribly
I miss the discussions and arguments that I had with my brother

We had several rounds of EFT sessions and soon we parted ways on a Monday after he told me he was feeling ‘liberated’. The same week on Wednesday, I got a call from him. He told me that he had been drinking regularly up to 4 bottles of beer daily. Normally he consumed the beer as soon as he got home after working in his auto paint shop. He would continue drinking until he fell asleep. He told me he realized that he had become an alcoholic.

He continued to say that after the day we had the EFT, at around 7pm when he went home, he didn’t have any beer. He didn’t even think about it. Since then he had not thought about beer.

I later met with him on Saturday afternoon exactly six days after the EFT. He told me that on Friday his friends came over to his place and brought a lot of beer with them. He however turned down their offer to have even one. As his friends were leaving, he got a lift to the self service store. He was going to buy just one beer which he would drink on his own. However instead of buying beer, he left the service store with half a gallon of milk.

The grief he had was the core issue of his drinking and alcoholism. It has been 3 weeks so far and he has not yet relapsed. It is my conviction that this is an EFT miracle.

Thank you,

Javier Gomez
Baja California, Mexicali