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Back Pain Eliminated with EFT


I just feel obliged to pass this information across. I discovered EFT on the internet at a time when I was looking for an effective solution for back ailment. Please read the complete story below.

A good friend of mine had an accident in which she sustained major injuries at her back and neck. The situation was so severe that she could barely move her legs. This incident happened about fourteen years ago.Although she contacted several professional doctors both within and outside her locality, the treatments provided were only meant for a while. The best doctors she found for her treatment was the NUCCA chiropractors. However, the treatment she received from these ones was also temporal so she was required to always visit the clinic at least once in three months.

This she did for thirteen years. This was not very convenient for her because of the high costs and besides, she had no well paying job.Finally, I found out EFT and made her know about it. I always encouraged her to constantly observe the EFT plan. This was just about 12 months ago and surprisingly, she now feels healthier.When she first started it, she felt a lot of pains. The pains at her back and neck healed very quickly. It was easy for her to continue with the EFT plan because she always had positive results each time she worked it.

However, she did not stop visiting the chiropractors because she wanted them to confirm her health status by taking x-rays and other important tests. And with the EFT plan already in progress, she had no need of their bone-stretching services. On one of the visits she made, she was told by a doctor that her back was almost in perfect state. The doctor was extremely glad about this development especially because he felt that he had also contributed to her improvement.

As one who introduced the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) to her, I asked her to educate the doctor on it but she could not since the doctor was not eager to learn. Well, that is by the way, whether he decides to learn or not, the doctor, my friend and I are now aware that EFT is a good way of treating back pains.