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Get Rid Of Muscle Cramping With EFT

Hello Gary,

I am 76 years of age and a retired high School teacher in Science.

I purchased your DVD videos on EFT and still have the final two still to be viewed. I was initially doubtful of it working for me personally.

However six weeks back I spent the day on a ladder painting the rear area of our house. This exhausted me. I laid straight down prior to supper on a bed inside the computer room. Ten minutes afterwards a cramp began in my left lower-leg, between the knee and the ankle joint on the exterior of the shin bone. It had become extremely agonizing. I sat up and rubbed it. The actual pain became even worse so I stood up and attempted to stroll on it.

The muscle tissue felt as tough as steel while the painfulness was awful.
I hobbled all the way down stairs. Halfway along the identical muscle tissue around the right leg proceeded to go into the exact same sort of cramp. This too was extremely tough. I was basically struggling to stand and so I sat on the couch. By now the agony appeared to be so terrible that I experienced no clue how to proceed to end it. All of a sudden I thought of attempting EFT on this.

I started using the karate chop. (This awful discomfort inside my legs, I would like it to get out, I am a very good person). This became recurring Three times.

Then I tapped at my own chin bone (this dreadful discomfort inside my legs, continued three times as I tapped). Likewise below my nose, beneath my eyes, side of my eyes, my eyebrow position, my personal collar bone point and finally returning to my karate chop position to get a complete assertion.

It had been at this point that the shocking conclusion struck me. There was absolutely no pain. Very simple as that, there was clearly zero discomfort. Each of my leg muscles were tender and pain free of charge. Initially I really could not believe it at all. The actual leg muscles were feeling heated yet very soft. Zero discomfort. It has never come back.

Today I do believe in EFT for myself personally. I go through every one of the EFT Insight News letters.
My sole regret was that I failed to learn anything at all about EFT while I had been a school instructor. Currently I am endeavoring to teach my loved ones about the effective use of EFT.

Hugs back at you,
Thomas Browning