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Muscle Cramps And The Wonders Of EFT

Hi Gary,

I am 76 years old. I used to teach Science in high school but I am retired.
I ordered your EFT DVD’s though I was quite skeptical of them helping me. I have 2 more DVD’s to watch.
About 6 weeks ago, I spent a whole day painting the back room of my house while on a ladder. I was really exhausted by the end of the day after I was done. I decided to lie down on a bed in my computer room before dinner. After like 10 minutes, I felt a muscle cramp start in my left leg start. It was on the shin bone just between the knee and the ankle. It was quite painful so I woke up, and sat up so I could rub it. But it got worse. I decided to stand and walk around but this made the situation worse.

I walked downstairs but when I was halfway down the stairs, my right leg got the same cramp. I got to the sofa and sat since I could not stand. I was helpless, the pain caused by the muscle cramps was too much and I didn’t know how to stop it. An idea then came to my head, why not try EFT? I decided to try it.
I started with the Karate chop as I tried to make the terrible pain to go away. I did the chop three times.

I then tried tapping my chin point three times. I did the same thing under my nose and eyes. I also tapped the side of my eye, collar bone point and eyebrow point. I repeated the karate chop point as I completed.
This is when I realized the pain in my legs had already gone. My legs were back to normal. It was unbelievable. My leg muscles felt soft and warm and there was no pain. Since then, there pain has not returned.
I started believing in EFT. It has worked for me. I have also been reading the EFT newsletters.

I really regret why I did not know about EFT while I was still teaching. However I am now teaching my family about EFT.

Hugs to you,
Harold Woods