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Tommy Brady EFT Healer and Therapist, Cavan, Ireland

Get Rid of Addictions, Boost your Health and Quality of Life with my Expert EFT Therapy

Hi and welcome. My name is Tommy Brady and I am a Professional EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Therapist. I specialise in helping others to overcome addictions.
I can help you to let go Of Your Addictions without pain, suffering or withdrawal symptoms, and enhance your quality of life.

One of my more memorable experiences working with EFT and addiction arrived when working with a close friend some years ago. He smoked sixty cigarettes per day and had smoked for over thirty-five years.

We spent some time doing EFT, focusing on his smoking habits-from first thing in the morning, until the last thing at night, and many times in between. Then we cleared his urges and cravings for a cigarette, taking his power back.

After roughly an hour, he was amazed that he no longer felt the need to smoke. He had no cravings or urges, thoughts or desires to smoke a cigarette.

He shared that he’d really been enjoying our session, and was excited to have his craving out of the way so quickly.

Since that first session, that was so successful, I’ve helped many others, to clear many other addictions.

  • Smoking
  • Vaping
  • Alcohol
  • Gambling
  • Drug addiction (cocaine, MDMA, cannabis, etc..)
  • Food, comfort eating, sugar, junk food
  • And many others…

Stop Smoking EFT Official CertificationThe EFT practise consists of combining my vast experience as a therapist, with tapping using your fingertips on nine specific meridian points while releasing all traumatic memories and a wide range of emotions. Because EFT accesses the “stress centres” in your brain on physical and emotional levels simultaneously, EFT treats the root causes of any addiction therefore freeing you from the traumas you have encountered in the past (from childhood to the present day).

freedom from addictionI can successfully treat any addiction, even ones not listed above, once the person is open to coming along to see me.

Treating addiction with EFT tapping is a two-part process. The most urgent issue is typically the physical craving, which is what EFT resolved for my friend. Tapping can provide surprisingly fast relief for cravings, which allows people to lower their use/intake of the addicting substance or process surprisingly quickly.

For example, an alcoholic who began drinking excessively after a divorce would ultimately need to work around his or her feelings of loss or betrayal from the breakdown of that marriage, rather than just on the alcohol abuse. To do that, of course, that person has to want to stop drinking and be willing to engage in the process.

What he has seen repeatedly during those years is how much EFT helps people continue progressing toward recovery. It’s a really important accomplishment, he explains, given the estimate that 50 – 90% of serious addicts relapse within 24 hours of completing a 28-day recovery program.

One reason EFT is so helpful for addicts is its ability to calm anxiety very quickly. Using EFT, you access the amygdala, located in your mid-brain. The amygdala regulates your body’s stress response, a process that can be initiated by a physical craving or an emotional trigger, like a painful memory.

freedom-birds-2012427_960_720 (1)With EFT you quickly disrupt the body’s stress response, prompting your body to release fewer “stress hormones” like cortisol and adrenaline, which flood your body during moments of high anxiety. With these hormones at healthier levels, your body and mind relax much quicker.

ETF can provide those with addictions, not alone to clear them, but to feel good within themselves, about themselves, and allows you to discover a new place in life.

I also specialise in helping others to move on from a place of being stuck in life, e.g. after a broken relationship, or from bereavement, grief, loss and other traumas.

I can help with:

  • Job interviews
  • Stress of exams
  • Anything which is causing you stress or anxiety in your life.


Sugar addiction:

I’m a 43 year old mother of three, the youngest being seven. I was addicted to anything that had sugar in it and consumed a great deal of junk food because of this. I would feel great for a few minutes after a large bar of chocolate or a large chunk of swiss roll. I was moody and irritable with my children. Tommy dealt with my addiction successfully and am in a much better place now.

  • K.B. Co. Monaghan

Drug addiction:

I’m a single professional male, with a girlfriend of 6 years. She walked away because I had a big problem with addiction to cocaine and cannabis and then over a number of years my drug use was out of control and spiraling into crisis. I was very aggressive and abusive toward her. My family were not aware of my addiction and when it came out in the open they were shocked and I was also deeply in debt. I was given Tommy Brady’s number and he helped me to remove my addiction and the need for using in three sessions. I lost so much owing to my addiction, but I’m now back at work and in a much better place. I’m so grateful for the work that Tommy did. I have my life back and I have learned a lot from and moved on from my harsh lesson.

  • E.G. Co. Louth.

Gambling addiction:

I had a long standing addiction to gambling, and as a married man with children I could ill afford to waste money as you can imagine. It was affecting all areas of my life, especially my relationship with my wife and kids. I found out about Tommy and went to him for a number of sessions, and he successfully removed my gambling problem. I really appreciate my life now, I’m so grateful to be free from that horrible addiction.

  • I.L. Co. Meath

Alcohol addiction:

I’m a school teacher in my fourties, with a husband and two children. Up until recently I was drinking two bottles of wine each night (beginning fifteen years ago when I started with a glass). A family issue at the time had left me seeking comfort in alchohol, and my intake increased over the years to the point of where I desperately needed help. I went to see Tommy and he helped me deal with the root causes of why I needed alcohol in my life. Within six weeks I was totally free of any need for alcohol. I really appreciate that my husband stuck by me and was there for me when I needed him. If feels wonderful to be free of the alcohol addiction, and I feel much happier within myself and value my new life so much better now.

  • F.C. Dublin

Hoarding addiction:

I’m a 31 year-old single girl who had a very serious addiction to hoarding. It started in my teens and got worse as the years passed. It resulted in the breakup of two relationships – my exes telling me to get out of the house. I was also evicted from two houses that I was renting because my hoarding was so bad. I tried many therapies, none of which worked. But Tommy Brady took me to a much better place where hoarding is not in my life any more. We dealt with the childhood roots of the problem and since then I’ve had no compulsion to hoard.

  • S.J. Dublin.


I have smoked for the last 42 years from when I was 15 yrs old, smoking 30 cigarettes a day. I tried 5 different methods to stop smoking. I was advised to contact Tommy Brady who is an EFT Therapist. I made an appointment, and after one visit I was a non-smoker. No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms. Even when I am in the company of smokers I have no desire to smoke. I am very happy to be a member of the Non-Smokers-Club for the past year.
– M. Mc G.

I am a 32-year-old mother of 2 Children, I started smoking at the age of 13, I had made several attempts to quit, without success. Six months ago, I watched in horror as my 3 yr old daughter picked up half a cigarette that was lying on the footpath and put it in her mouth This was the last straw – not alone was I endangering my own health but I was passing the habit onto my daughter. Tommy was recommended to me as been very successful in helping people to stop smoking with EFT, I made an appointment and after 2 visits I am very proud to say I am a non-smoker. I just want to say thanks very much to Tommy and his EFT Therapy.
– S.M.

I was in a very abusive relationship for more years than I care to remember and found life very difficult. My former husband reneged on all his responsibilities to me and our children, financially and otherwise. This placed a great burden on me and as a result, took me down to a very low ebb. I developed a frozen shoulder 7 years ago and was in constant severe pain. After a number of sessions with Tommy my shoulder is perfect, full movement and no pain. Also, all the emotional issues from my abusive past have been successfully dealt with. I now feel confident and free to get on with my life. – J. H.

I was addicted to online gambling for many years. I have a wife and four children. I worked very hard in my job and earned good money, but I was addicted to gambling and wasted so much money that was needed for the family. I hated myself for what I was doing, but thankfully my wife persuaded me to seek help.

I went to Tommy. He worked on many angles with me, getting to the root cause of my addiction.  After three EFT sessions, I was free of my addiction. I am truly grateful to Tommy for the wonderful work he has done for me.



EFT is not intended to replace your relationship with your doctor and is not intended as medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. If you are under the care of your doctor we encourage you to discuss any changes in lifestyle, diet, exercise programme, nutrition or use of energy tapping, prior to making any changes, and never discontinue a prescription medication without consulting your doctor or pharmacist.

Stop Smoking in Ireland for Good, No Withdrawal, Quit Smoking, the Easy Way (not Hypnotherapy)

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