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Childhood Trauma Evaporates with EFT

At one point in my life, I was invited to speak on a radio show. The invitation was for me to practice my work on one of the radio broadcasters. Shortly before airing, I met with Tina (35, an alias name) privately to discuss her relationships. I spent forty-five minutes with her.

As I expected, she was not excited about our chat. She was nervous and uncomfortable. I took this as an opportunity to introduce Tina to EFT, and we began to pat on our bodies together. Every movement I made, she made directly after. Every slap I took, she slapped. Every sound I formed, she formed. During such movements, she began to ponder her uneasiness, and I had her repeat after me:

Despite that I feel shy about speaking up, even if it makes me weary to speak about the hard stuff, When I feel overpowered by men I have the choice to respect myself. There is always another way, I need to take this on my way. Although I am feeling funky – I wanna see what this has in store for me, okay?
The tapping enabled Tina to overcome her hesitance and feel supported by myself and have inner strength of herself to open up to me about her life. Her current relationship problems had a deep root, and by the end of the forty-five minute session, we’d dug down to those roots. She cried.
When Tina was twelve years old, she encountered a man on a train. This man damaged Tina even now, years later. He still harms her, and she had not seen him since she was twelve. On the train, Tina froze. She repressed these memories for years, but EFT allowed her to express her feelings that she didn’t accept even to herself.

Tina was able to acknowledge the man on the train. Because she acknowledged the man, acknowledged the situation, she could now move on from it, and be free from her frozen state. After our session, she had the power to make the choices she never knew were hers to make. She no longer had to keep her relationships skin deep. She tore down her walls; and, ultimately, she grew as a woman.
After our session, it was time to go on air. She was excited, she was smiling, she was Tina. During the interview she let listeners know that she felt like she was born again, she had grown, she was confident, she was herself.

Afterwards, she went on to motivate all of the tens of thousands of listeners listening in that her experience with me was amazing, and that it gave her the freedom she needed for so long. Her experience with me gave her the power to speak again.