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EFT And More

Hello to my EFT colleagues and Gary,

I only just a short while back had a middle-aged woman walk up to me complaining of neck, shouldered, and upper back problems. She is forty and we can just call her K. All through the first session, that I met with her K let confided in me that she was rather overweight because she had a difficult time stopping herself from over eating. A deeper discussion brought out a story about when was a teenager she had a distressing accident that caused her some suffering to her Pituitary gland. After some thought, I suggested that we proceed with EFT for her out of control eating problems.

While my pituitary gland had suffered the stress of trauma when I was 16 years old, I totally and fully accept myself in spite of the fact that my hypothalamus and pituitary are the cause of my unsatisfied need to overeat and thereby continue to out of control.

I ask my for my mind body and spirit to create a way, whatever kind of way does not matter just make these specific glands work properly.

Phrases for me to say to myself as reminders while tapping on my face along with my upper body as well as my face points:

This disparity pituitary/hypothalamus

This hunger inequity
I wish it to depart now
I wish to let it run off
Permit it go

And the Pluses

Commonplace pituitary
Normal hypothalamus
Typical hunger
Idyllic pituitary
Stable pituitary
Ordinary hunger

I merely did this initial EFT session for the Weight Loss and hunger difficulties but K is still coming to me for bodywork. I am excited to say (and K is pleased) that her need to overindulge is not an issue any more and that in about four weeks she has lost about twenty-one pounds.

I am hop a case such as this can inspire and help others to begin to examine the underlying causes when working with this type of issue.

Happiness and bless you all,