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EFT, Weight Loss, Pituitary Gland

Hello Gary and my EFT associates,

I recently had a woman approach to me with shoulder, neck and upper back problems. She is forty years old and we can refer to her as K. Throughout the course of the initial session K let me know that she was quite a bit overweight because she has an out of control hunger. Further inquiring exposed that when she was sixteen she had a traumatic accident, which caused some distress to her pituitary gland. Therefore, I put it altogether and recommended that we perform EFT for her need to eat issues.

Although my Pituitary Gland had suffered distress when I was 16 tears of age I completely and entirely accept myself despite, the fact that my hypothalamus and pituitary are causing my uncontrollable need to eat to be out of control.

I call upon my body; mind and spirit to make happen whatever it is that they can do that may make these particular glands work appropriately.

Phrases for me to remind myself of while tapping on my upper body and face points:

This imbalance pituitary/hypothalamus

This hunger imbalance
I wish it to leave now
I wish to let it leave
Allowing it go

And the benefits

Ordinary pituitary
Typical hypothalamus
Regular appetite
Blissful pituitary
In balance pituitary
Ordinary appetite

I only did this initial session of EFT for the weight and hunger problem but K keeps on coming to me for her bodywork. I am happy to say (and K is delighted) that her need to overeat is no longer an issue and that in the past 4 weeks she has had a Weight Loss of nearly twenty-one pounds the equivalent to nearly ten kilos or one and a half stones.

I am hoping that this case in point inspires and helps others to start to look for underlying causes when dealing with this kind of issue. This case is a fine example of the significance of reframing and being specific instead of only talking about problems that have unhelpful connotations.
Happy blessings, Denis.