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How EFT Helped a Lady to Overcome Her Birth Trauma

I recently went through a life changing experience that I want to share with you. I was meditating alone at home alone and I started weeping over the man I love who claims he is not ready to love any one for now. It really hurts but it does not really matter.  I began reflect and my mind flashed back about my birth.

I had a difficult birth trauma experience and I almost asphyxiated to death when the first excrement of a baby or meconium blocked my nose before I was born. I was transferred to another hospital that saved my life though the physicians expressed their fears that I might go blind, deaf or retarded as result of that experience. I was put in the incubator for a few days and unfortunately my mom was diagnosed for hepatitis and had to stay away from me.

I reflected on this traumatic experience and the pain was so excruciating to a point that I thought I would not survive it. I tried to tap but the weeping and the fear was just overwhelming and I could not deal with this kind of a situation on my own. However, I have always been strong and brave and in the end I managed to summon up enough strength to begin tapping and my sentences changed dramatically.

I had to do away with some statements like “Even Though..” as the pain was excruciating and concentrated on the cause of my suffering at that particular moment. First, I was so scared of death. I was suffocating and actually at that point my nose was fully plugged with mucus and I was struggling for breath and I had to sneeze a few times to clear my nose. No one came to my help and they were hitting me. They were putting tubes in me and I was scared and could not understand. I longed for my mom but she was not there and I thought she did not really love me. I thought it was my fault that she did not love me since I have been the reason for her woes from the beginning. I felt I should hide from everyone as no one could love me for being a source of problems. I thought I should be a perfect girl for someone to love me otherwise no one could love me.
Slowly, I began reassuring myself and stopped crying. I calmed down and in the end got control of myself. I thought again about those sentences and began repeating all of these verdicts at each tapping point without pain or sorrow any more. I decide to focus on the positive side and thought what a great woman I was and how much love I have to offer in return. I felt a warm feeling, much lighter, calm, confident and finally I smiled.

Releasing all these pain is probably the most wonderful experience that I ever had to do thanks to EFT and I am focused on great changes in my attitude and life from now henceforth.Thank you for sharing your technique with me.  I have actually recommended it to some of my friends and they are excited about EFT too.