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Life is Beautiful When You Quit

quit smoking life is beautifulHow many times have you thought that you have got to stop smoking soon? How many times have you thought about how a loved one needs to stop smoking soon? Probably quite a few times if you’re a smoker, or a person of a loved one who is a smoker. As much as you or a loved one want to stop smoking, it may never happen. We want to change that.

The goal of Stop Smoking Soon . com is to help you or a loved one stop smoking by providing innovative, simple methods that you can use to gradually reduce your cigarette intake, and eventually let go of the habit.

How quickly you progress depends on many factors, but by using these methods, you will reduce your dependence on nicotine–the key to removing it from your life.

For those of you who want to stop smoking today, we offer links to products that others have used to successfully quit their habit. (Each product price includes the equivalent number of cigarette packs based on the figure of five dollars per pack.)

Methods Just Added

After each completed cigarette smoke inhalation and exhalation, drag a lung full of oxygen and hold it for a few seconds.


Methods Before

Resist the first craving to have a cigarette. After ten or so minutes, the craving will go away. Have a cigarette when the next craving occurs.

Switch to an all-natural brand of cigarettes (e.g. American Spirit) to remove the additional addiction that the burning agents (i.e. four hundred chemicals) add to a cigarette habit. Some smokers find that they are more addicted to burning agents than they are nicotine and quit smoking a couple months after smoking all-natural cigarettes.

When you open a pack of cigarettes, write the day and time on it to keep track of how quickly you go through the pack. Try to extend the “life” of each pack. When recording the day and time, keep it simple by writing the name of the day (e.g. Friday) instead of the actual calendar date.

Reduce the ease of access to your cigarettes by keeping them in a collection of small zip-lock type bags. For example, first place your cigarettes in a bag, seal it, then placed the sealed bag and cigarettes in another bag, seal it, and repeat to further reduce their accessibility.


Methods During

After each completed cigarette smoke inhalation and exhalation, drag a lung full of oxygen and hold it for a few seconds.

Pause ten or more seconds between each drag to increase the feeling of control over your habit.

Step down from a heavier cigarette to a lighter cigarette every week or month until you smoke the ultra-light version of your cigarette. For example, over a three month period, a Marlboro regular smoker would step down to Medium, Light, and then Ultra-Light. Typically, you will adjust to each lighter cigarette after only a couple packs.

Step down your cigarette smoke consumption by reducing the total amount of each cigarette that you allow yourself to smoke every week or month. For example, for the first week you would smoke 3/4 of each cigarette, during the next week 1/2 of each cigarette, and during the next week, 1/4 of each cigarette. Because it is easy to cheat with this method, you may want to mark your cigarettes to indicate the 3/4, 1/2, or 1/4 point.

Step down your cigarette smoke consumption by taking increasingly smaller drags from your cigarettes every week or month to decrease the amount of smoke you take into your lungs while increasing the amount of air. For example, for the first week you would drag 3/4 smoke and 1/4 air, during the next week drag 1/2 smoke and 1/2 air, and during the next week, 1/4 smoke and 3/4 air. Before you begin using this method, it’s helpful to observe how much you typically drag on each inhalation in order to step down appropriately.

Switch your smoking hand to be more aware of your smoking habit. For example, if you hold cigarettes with your right hand, use your left hand instead.


Methods After

After you finish smoking a cigarette, roll out the remaining tobacco to reveal the front end of the filter. In comparison to the back end (i.e. mouth end), the front end looks many times more polluted.

I have always had trouble quitting smoking. I tried many times with mixed success, but I always ended up going back to my habit. I have been successfully using your methods for the last few months. I used to smoke a heavy cigarette, but now am down to the light kind, and soon will switch over to the ultra light. I feel like I am on my way to quitting for good. I know these methods take time, but the way I look at it, I’ve been a smoker for ten years, so taking three to six months to quit is a realistic goal (instead of trying to quit cold turkey and being miserable). I’ll keep you posted! — Luke S.

I can’t believe it, I’m down to 1/4 cigarettes! I’m not nearly as addicted as I used to be. My next step is to smoke 1/4 ultra-lights and then give it up completely! — Terry B.

I never thought I’d be able to quit smoking. I don’t know what it is, but I just love it. Using your methods, I now smoke less than I ever have. My goal is to have only one smoke a day, after dinner each night. These days I smoke only three cigarettes a day (down from a little more than a pack). I’m getting there! — Sylvia