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Pain Relief Is In Sight With EFT

For those living with pain, relief is almost a desperate search. Did you know that an estimated $50
billion dollars is spent annually to address pain issues? The statistics are quite staggering. There are over 7 million back pain sufferers, 40 million Arthritis sufferers (averaging $4 billion medical expenses and lost wages), well over 7 million adults with some level of back pain (many disabled), and an additional 45 million dealing with recurrent and often debilitating headaches.
With billions and billions of dollars spent each year on prescription drugs and remedies, people are ready for a real breakthrough.

There is good news for sufferers! There is a technique available that has a 80% effectiveness rate. With the ability to outperform some drugs, this Needless Acupuncture is delivering relief to those who are in pain.
With thousands of positive clinical applications, this do-it-yourself can be learned for free with the Free EFT Get Started Package. All the basics are included in this starter package.

Acupuncture is not a new medical breakthrough. In fact it is an ancient Oriental remedy for pain and illness. The key to acupuncture is the presence of energy meridians in the body. Poor health, injury, and disease are just a few of the elements that can cause blocks along these meridians. While the idea of needles causes many people to tense with fear, the proven practice of acupuncture is a proven remedy for many ailments. When needles are placed properly, the meridian blocks are cleared and energy is able to flow freely.

For those who can not deal with even the idea of needles there is even better news. There are new techniques developed that eliminate the use of needles, yet still manage to free the blocked energy meridians. Not only is there a release from physical pain, but this technique actually goes deeper and releases other symptoms as well.

emotional suffering is a major component of physical pain. These issues can increase pain and at times be the root cause for the pain itself. The Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) target the same energy meridian points and allow the same benefit of traditional acupuncture with the use of a gentle tapping. This non-traditional practice is instrumental in reducing pain, even eliminating pain altogether.

With over 80% effectiveness treating pain, results and testimonials are common.
In Australia, Steve Wells Practices EFT, and has multiple patients who have received relief from pain with headaches, shoulder pain, and back injuries to name a few. One Vietnam veteran was so dumbfounded to be pain free, that after the initial treatment he spent the rest of his visit trying to make the pain return: but it did not.

Other Practitioners echo the same results. Stephanie Rothmnan, CHT and Eric Robbins, MD share that their patients are relived from everything from PMS and allergies to fibromyalgia and anger. Our bodies hold on to negative emotions and stress and they affect our bodies in profound ways. Whether patients have been in pain for a few months, or decades they are still able to find relief about 80% of time.

Still new to most Americans, EFT is on track to helping many pain sufferers. Thousands are visiting the website each week for the free information and newsletter and many people who thought they would have to live with their pain forever are finding relief with EFT.