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Permanently Stop Pain And Negative Emotions With EFT

EFT is a simple technique which has shown 80% effectiveness and has many times out-performed drugs. Popularly this technique is referred to an acupuncture procedure without any needles being used. EFT is the easiest procedure that can be done by one, to relieve any type of pain. The best part is that the basic procedure is available for free to anyone who wants to learn it.

Millions suffer from chronic pain in the US and this cost the economy a yearly sum of approximately $50 billion. The most prevalent is back pain and around 7 million people are disabled completely or partially by it. Arthritis and headaches are the other two main reasons of chronic pain in the country. Although drugs which are prescribed do provide a momentary relief, but are not always effective and their side effects is another major concern. The premier institutions of health in the country have recognized acupuncture to be quite effective. This procedure involves inserting needles on particular points which are on the pathways of energy meridians. This effectively removes blockages and relieves symptoms and pain.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) goes a step further by making it a DIY procedure as there are no needles, and only tapping is done with fingertips on the meridian points. Many happy practitioners from around the world have vouched that EFT is very effective in treating back pains, headaches, and also pains from severe conditions like arthritis and cancer. People who have suffered chronic pains for many years found it completely gone after a single session of EFT. Many doctors and health practitioners are now advising their patients about the almost miraculous effects of EFT and encouraging its practice. The technique is effective for almost any type of discomforts and pains which include back pains, headaches, PMS, stiffness in the neck, discomfort after a surgery, hangovers, cramps in the stomach, hiccups, fibromyalgia, asthma and allergies.

EFT works at the roots of a problem which is usually based in emotional issues which remain unresolved. The connection between mind and body can no longer be ignored as many top doctors are also finding that unresolved issues and negative emotions ultimately affect the body and cause chronic problems. Although many people in the US have not yet heard of EFT, millions of people around the world have benefitted from this simple technique which is going in popularity very fast.