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Quit Smoking “Cold Turkey” using EFT Tapping, Without Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Without any Withdrawal Symptoms


Quitting Smoking and the Addiction of Cigarettes and Vaping


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Smoking is a notoriously difficult problem to deal with using conventional methods such as hypnosis, patches, gum, e-cigarettes etc, because smokers are drug addicts.


Initially, the addiction to nicotine was probably a strategy developed out of curiosity or maybe as a social booster to help you to feel more grown-up.


But now your nicotine addiction is probably even more complex than that because over the years you’ve become more conditioned than you ever were about the benefits of smoking through cultural brainwashing, plus you’ve probably developed a number of triggers and emotional attachments to smoking that daily life throws at you, e.g. with coffee or tea, first thing in the morning, after meals, etc.


For you to stop smoking and stay stopped all aspects of the drug addiction must be dealt with, i.e. all of the physical, emotional and event triggers plus the very powerful social and cultural mind conditioning that many of us fall prey to about the perceived benefits of smoking.


Conventional quit smoking methods have a low success rate because even if each problem is dealt with many times, it can still remain stuck in the emotional and cognitive mind.


What’s required is a method that permanently removes each rational and emotional attachment to smoking and removes all of the destructive social and cultural brainwashing by dealing with it effectively, once. Deal with these issues effectively once, and the problem can be done with, permanently.


Failing to Quit by Going Solo without Help


So, have you personally tried to quit smoking before? Or have you lost count of how many times you’ve tried? How long have you managed to go without cigarettes? A few days? A couple of weeks? Maybe even a month or two?


If so, then I know exactly what you’re going through. If you’re like me, the story of your attempts to quit go something like this:


First, you can’t stop thinking about smoking. You can’t concentrate on work, you can’t relax at home. The crutch you used to prop you up during the hard times is gone. The treat you rewarded yourself with during times of relaxation is gone. The hard times are harder and the good times don’t seem quite as sweet.


If you’re like most people, you last for a few days or even a few weeks, but eventually your willpower and good intentions meet their limit and you give in. You light up and you instantly regret it. You can’t understand why you did it but you’re already on the slippery slope to becoming a full-blown smoker again.


Until now, the usual path to becoming smoke free involves lots of willpower, weeks or months of withdrawal, irritability, depression, anxiety, mood-swings and feeling like life will never be enjoyable again without your old “friend”.


So, many attempts can and do end in failure.


Just when you need it most, your willpower deserts you.


Sure, quitting can be relatively easy, but staying quit, that’s the real challenge.
That’s why you’re here right? You want to quit – and stay quit – period.


Inside you must know that there must be an easier way. Well, what if I told you there is; it’s not only easy, it’s enjoyable! It’s my powerful stop smoking method.


I’ve been a full-time EFT therapist for many years.


EFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. In the right hands, Emotional Freedom Technique can work wonders on emotional problems, physical problems and even the most chronic of addictions.


Over the years I’ve developed and perfected what I believe to be the easiest, fastest and most painless program for quitting smoking, that even leading figures in the global EFT community are taking notice of.


I’ve followed up with my clients, and calculated that my system has an easy 95% success rate.


I call it the Ultimate Smoke-Free method (or USF for short).


My Unique Ultimate Smoke Free method is fast, easy and enjoyable.Smoking girl 2


It involves no pain or suffering and works every time.


Even if you’re a committed, lifetime smoker.


It also works if you’re addicted to any nicotine replacement such as vaping, gum or patches.


I have seen firsthand the entire range of problems people have when trying to quit and over the past few years


I have helped hundreds of people to easily overcome all of the many challenges that they faced and now they are all non-smokers who don’t miss nicotine at all.


They don’t crave nicotine nor use any substitutes. They just get on with life now free from the deadly nicotine slave master.


My method is like nothing you’ve seen before and it’s very effective, hence an excellent success rate to date with clients in my practice.


With USF, I successfully deal with all of your issues relating to smoking, the physical withdrawal, the brainwashing and all of the emotional attachments.


Smoking is an addiction with deep emotional attachment and removing these attachments ensures success.


My method addresses these issues directly, and over the years the incredible results speak for themselves.


So, I’ve decided to make it available to you, because I’ve seen that conventional methods for quitting mostly result in failure.


These traditional quit smoking aids such as vaping, nicotine gum, patches, acupuncture, e-cigarettes and so on completely misunderstand the insidious nature of smoking.


This addiction has two main components, 1) the physical addiction, this is the easy part to address. Traditional quit smoking methods address this side of smoking.


These treatments do not deal with the emotional aspects of quitting smoking. These are the engrained mind and emotional processes that trigger you to crave nicotine in certain situations and this aspect of smoking is the one that’s most difficult to address.


Traditional methods ignore this and so have a very high relapse rate.


My Ultimate Smoke Free system removes both the physical addiction and the emotional addiction and addresses all of the unhelpful brainwashing that society at large has conditioned us to believe about smoking so that you no longer need nor want to light up, nor do you suffer or feel deprived in any way.


In fact, you’ll feel great! Healthier, stronger, happier, richer and no longer a slave to nicotine.


Did I also say that there are no withdrawal symptoms? i.e. no cravings, irritability or mood swings.


You’ll will be the master of your life again.


You’ll be free again!


With USF, there are no pills, patches, vapour or gum, no irritation, no edginess, no nervousness and no desire to comfort eat.


In one or two sessions, USF will remove 100% of your cravings for smoking and remove all of the brainwashing and emotional attachments too.


USF deals with all of your triggers:


  • First thing in the morning
  • When drinking
  • With Tea and Coffee
  • After meals
  • When driving
  • When you’re anxious
  • When you’re relaxed and want to reward yourself


With Ultimate Smoke-Free we quickly remove:


  • All urges and cravings for nicotine
  • The need for smoking in all areas of your life.


Quitting smoking will be one of your greatest achievements. Imagine: The return of your confidence, improved health, major financial savings, improved self-image, FREEDOM!


Here are some testimonials from real clients of mine who have kicked smoking:


“I have smoked for the last 42 years from when I was 15 years old, smoking 30 cigarettes a day. I tried 5 different methods to stop smoking. I was advised to contact Tommy Brady and after one session I was a non-smoker. No cravings, no withdrawal symptoms. Even when I am in the company of smokers I have no desire to smoke. I am very happy to be a member of the Non-Smokers-Club for the past few years.”
– David M


Here’s another:
“I am a 32 year old mother of two children, I started smoking at the age of 13 I had made several attempts to quit, without success. Six months ago, I watched in horror as my 3 year old daughter picked up half a cigarette that was lying on the footpath and put it in her mouth. This was the last straw – not alone was I endangering my own health but I was passing the habit onto my daughter. Tommy was recommended to me as being very successful in helping people to stop smoking. I made and appointment and after 2 visits I am very proud to say I am a non-smoker. I just want to say thanks very much to Tommy and his USF Method.”
– Sandra Mc.


I help people like you, from all over the world to quit smoking.


Sessions are conducted over Skype or at my clinic.


So if you want to break free from your smoking habit for good click below and we’ll get you started on a new chapter of your life.


Just imagine how you’ll feel when your self-confidence returns, your health and self-image improve, you have more money in your pocket, and you can take pride in your achievement of quitting smoking.


To make a Secure Booking for €170 using Paypal or Card, Use the Form Below. I will then be in touch to arrange your sessions.


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Quit Smoking “Cold Turkey” using EFT Tapping, Without Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) and Without any Withdrawal


If you want to kick the habit of nicotine addiction for good, consider the easy, withdrawal-free way, by using my Ultimate Smoke Free service.


Available worldwide via Video Call.


  • Since 2008 I’ve helped hundreds of “lifetime smokers” to kick the habit for good, without any cravings, withdrawal symptoms or suffering.
  • I’m a nationally-recognised expert in the quit smoking field, and an professional holistic therapy practitioner of over 10 years.


Below are some more testimonials from some of my clients who successfully quit without any withdrawal symptoms.


“I am a mother of two and I really wanted to quit smoking . After many failed attempts I felt I would never quit. During one of these my boss came to me and asked what brand of cigarettes I smoked. I told him and off he went but he soon returned with 2 packets of cigarettes and said “you better smoke these or we’ll have to evacuate the building”. I went back smoking. Some months later I went to Tommy and have not had a thought of a cigarette since. I am overjoyed with the ease of withdrawal I had with this method.”  – Deirdre E, 2014


“I smoked for 42 years and tried to quit so many time that I lost count. I tried hypnosis, stop smoking classes at the hospital, patches, gum, cold turkey and other, all to no avail. Tommy Brady stopped me in one session, no withdrawal symptoms, no irritation, urges, cravings, nothing.  I am so happy to be free of the scourge of cigarettes. ” – Stephen B, 2014


“I was a smoker for 14 years. With family responsibilities and constant health warnings I really wanted to stop smoking. I tried to quit twice, the 1st time lasted 3 weeks, 2nd time lasted 4 months,  was disgusted with myself. I was referred to Tommy Brady , had one session and I haven’t had a craving of urge for a cigarette since. I went to a wedding 6 days after quitting, I did not think about a cig and better still I went to a Stag weekend a week after that, cigarettes never entered my mind. Almost a year later I am one happy non – smoker.  ” – Paula McE, 2013


The Ultimate Smoke Free (EASILY quit smoking for good) EFT package includes:


  1. All of the sessions that you need to stop (this takes just one the vast majority of cases), conducted over Skype or in my clinic in Cavan.
  2. All of the support that you need during the first few weeks being smoke-free.


To make a Booking for €170 using Paypal or Card, Use the Form Below. I will be in touch to arrange the session after you book.


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Smoking Kills, we all know it.


It is not a habit any of us persist with by conscious choice. Many of us have tried to quit in the past but found the process too challenging. Trying to kick the habit can be a very difficult path to navigate. It’s no secret that smoking is hazardous to our health, it often leads to serious and sometimes fatal conditions.


Health warnings hold a prominent place in magazines, TV commercials and even on the back of cigarette boxes. So the question is – why do people still smoke? What is it that drives us to continue to reach for a cigarette when it is so clear to us that they are damaging our health.


Making the decision to quit can be a difficult one. Sometimes there are many factors at play that hold us back, all the stresses of life – financial, emotional, psychological.


But you can do it. Have no doubt, you can do it.


All you need is the right approach.


Tobacco Addiction


Cigarettes contain nicotine and other substances that are highly addictive. While there is no doubt that these substances play a role in your addiction the most important step on your path to quitting is to first understand the nature of your addiction and how to resolve it.


It is not until you confront and learn from your own addiction internally that you can begin the process of breaking free from it.


More often than not a dependency is formed due to a deeply unconscious insecurity and is commonly there because people feel that they are failing to achieve and realize their highest purpose, goals and desires in life.


The frustration and despair at this lack of fulfilment commonly trigger dependencies such as smoking and alcohol, which are really poor substitutes for those unfulfilled yearnings and for the soul’s true calling.


It is easy to find excuses for not being able to free yourself from the habit – for example – withdrawal symptoms, weight gain or lack of will power. It can be difficult to break free when you find yourself surrounded by others who continue to smoke.


It’s time to ask yourself the question – “why does this tiny little cigarette hold so much power and control over me?” Is the addiction masking an underlying deficiency in my subconscious mind?


These questions are complex and cannot be answered easily. Every individual is different and a deep understanding of the landscape and factors at play must first be achieved.


The difficulty faced in understanding the underlying issues of your smoking addiction tend to give rise to the belief that you are just not able to give up. You may feel that this habit that is undoubtedly harming you and damaging your health has an all powerful control over your actions and will power.


However, the fact is, that seeing how smoking has shaped and gained such control over your thoughts and actions is something you can learn a great deal from. Once you acknowledge that you just can’t turn away from smoking you are acknowledging a weakness and vulnerability in your psyche.


Until you address this weakness your ability to care for yourself and make the right decisions concerning your health will be overshadowed by your need for a cigarette.



Understanding Your Addiction


Trying to quit smoking is not about willpower or the strong-minded ability to suppress the urge for a cigarette in your time of craving. Instead we can learn form the process by addressing any insecurities and voids in our lives. There may be veiled aspirations and needs that are yearning for fulfilment. By addressing these needs we should be able to resolve which of our desires should and should not be fulfilled. The craving for a cigarette can be likened to a shortfall or some deep-seated self doubt, or something that’s missing in our lives that we know we want but are too afraid to try to get or feel powerless about. Addressing your smoking addiction and learning from the process can be a very fulfilling and rewarding process.


Confronting the root of the problem can help you establish control and regain your feelings of self worth and empowerment. By concentrating your energies on harnessing and empowering your own free will instead of focusing on cigarettes you are more likely to succeed in quitting for good and less likely to turn to a substitute addiction.


By nurturing your powers of free will and self worth you are equipping yourself with the tools you need to succeed. If you approach this opportunity correctly it can become a very rewarding experience in your life and something you can learn from and apply again in the future. It can reshape the way you think and how you look at the world.


The first step you need to take on this journey is to understand that you developed this smoking addiction not because of some event that happened in your past, or as a result of some bad life choice – but that you developed this addiction so that you could learn from it.


Your dependency exists so that you can learn something, perhaps something quite profound and empowering, about yourself. Until you take this first step and truly understand the nature of your smoking habit your efforts are likely to fail, or your addiction will transfer from cigarettes into something else. The truly successful path is not about will power it is about rediscovering your own powerful free will.


The very thought of quitting smoking is enough to make most feel worried and anxious. The mind begins to envisage a painful struggle against an old adversary and even before you have begun the body is gripped with stress and fear. These emotions play havoc with your body and minds peaceful state and the balance of energy that is needed to begin addressing the issues at hand. If approached correctly your addiction to smoking could become one of the most liberating things that has ever happened to you. It can reshape your beliefs and impart a healthier and new way of thinking.


Thinking logically it is clear to see that smoking is an undesirable habit. It is not something we would willingly choose to do considering the devastation it causes to our bodies. Therefore the use of will power to wage a battle against your addiction is not the right strategy. Using will power suggests you are battling against cigarettes – that cigarettes are the enemy. This is a misguided belief. There is no battle and there is no enemy. The key to success is based on looking deep within and discovering the underlying insecurities in the mind that are triggering an addictive nature.


Addictive thoughts reside in our minds at a subconscious level and activated by prompts such as emotional stresses or the sight of another smoker. The trick for addressing your subconscious thoughts is learning how to make conscious decisions and present yourself with a choice. You have a choice – you can succumb to your addictive urges, or you can walk another path. A path of Free Will.


Some people are successful in kicking their smoking habit through sheer force of will power. They wage a battle against the cigarette and fight their smoking urges with great effort and mind over matter. The problem with this approach is that they have not addressed the underlying issue as to why they developed an addiction in the first place. Furthermore, because the nature of their addictive personality has not been understood and worked with they often substitute smoking with another form of addiction. This is a commonly observed pattern in society and it’s sad to see people stray down this blinkered path with such regularity.


The Conscious Mind


The interaction of the conscious and subconscious minds is a complex and intricate relationship and the power of the subconscious should not be underestimated. The subconscious mind struggles to accept a situation when it believes it is not getting its way. Like a bold child – it reacts unfavourably when its wants and desires are not being catered to. And our struggle to quit smoking is a struggle against the subconscious desire to get what it wants, another cigarette. This deep desire and craving can only be addressed when it is understood for what it is. We must empower ourselves with free will to take contorl and make our own decisions.


You must train your mind to understand that you can light up a cigarette at any time of your own choosing and accept that you do have a desire to smoke. By bringing the thought into your conscious mind you can then negate the subconscious desire by making a conscious decision not to smoke. You must acknowledge the desire and craving to smoke, thereby moving the urge to your conscious mind, and present yourself with the option to go ahead and indulge the craving or on the other hand choose not to smoke at that time. Ultimately you are giving yourself permission to smoke and you are choosing not to.


It is this granting of permission to smoke that is the first step you must take on your journey to becoming a non smoker. By giving yourself permission to smoke you are allowing yourself the free will to choose what you will do next. You are not suppressing the desire and forcing the issue. The urge is no longer a powerful undercurrent in the subconscious mind. This technique will free you to make your own conscious choices in your life. The side effects commonly associated with quitting smoking, (depression, insomnia, nausea etc.), can only take hold when your mind believes it has been deprived of something. By allowing yourself the option to smoke you are eliminating this unfulfilled and empty feeling that would have otherwise formed in the the subconscious.


Embrace Your Desire To Smoke


Embrace your desire to smoke. Do not struggle against it. It is a commonly accepted misunderstanding that you should suppress your cravings for a cigarette. As we have mentioned before this battle of will power is not a good idea. It is rarely successful and often results in the adoption of new addictions to replace the suppressed cigarette cravings. When the desire to smoke arises accept its presence. You have the power and the free will to choose whether or not to indulge the craving. By allowing yourself to be fully aware of your cravings and your options on how to respond you are no longer struggling against a subconscious force. You have taken the first step on the path to quitting smoking.


Training your brain to move the desire to smoke from the subconscious to the conscious mind must be done repeatedly and many times each day. With time as your brain begins to become familiar with the process it will become easier to perform the process. As you become more established with the technique, your cravings for a cigarette will begin to diminish. It becomes easier day-by-day to choose the option not to smoke. Soon your self esteem will begin to increase as you see yourself taking firm control of the situation and making clear progress towards quitting. This technique of training your brain to make conscious free will decisions will have positive outcomes in other areas of your life – and not just quitting smoking. It will remove the little voice from inside your head that tells you you cannot do something, that it is just too difficult.


Make Quitting A Priority


When you decide to take the steps to finally quit smoking you must make it a clear priority. Plan it for a time when you have no other major events going on in your life. You need to be able to focus your attentions on the process and avoid any significant distractions or stresses along the way. It is a good idea to choose a start date that coincides with some positive, feel-good event in your life. Keep your plans to yourself. It is probably best not to share your plan with anyone. This way you have complete control, ownership and freewill over the process and you are not beholden to anyone else – friends or family – who are watching and monitoring your progress. Remember, it is your decision and your journey. Free yourself from external pressures which could conflict with this.


Tips For Success


It is a good idea to carry your cigarettes and lighter with you at all times. This reaffirms the fact that you are free to smoke whenever you want to. Others will see you with your cigarettes and assume you are not in the process of trying to quit. Try and remain aware of situations where you may be substituting your cravings for nicotine with something else. In particular be on the watch out for an increased consumption of: junk food, drink, increased exercise. To truly free yourself from your addiction you can’t substitute it with any replacement.


Train your mind to recognise cues that trigger your desire to smoke, such as: after a meal, when you sit down in front of the television or when having a drink. Be aware of how these cues are affecting you and take control of the situation. When one of these events next triggers your desire make a decision to wait a few minutes until the moment has passed before exercising the decision making process of choosing to smoke/ not to smoke. If you do choose to smoke allow the urge to build significantly before you finally reach for a cigarette.


Finally, visualise all the benefits that are waiting for you when you successfully quit smoking. Visualisation is a powerful technique and can be very rewarding when practised correctly. There is an array of health benefits around the corner – healthier lungs, greater fitness, reduction in mucus. You will also be on the receiving end of substantial financial rewards too. You’re going to save a lot of money when you’re not forking out needlessly to feed your addiction.


This approach allows you to take charge of your life and regain your own free will. By presenting yourself with the option to smoke the outcome will be successful either way. You have begun retraining your brain and are presenting yourself with rational conscious options in your journey. As you hone the technique your self confidence will grow and you will gain a more positive outlook on life. Your urge to smoke will lessen and making the choices you want to make will become easier – every step of the way.


If all the above is too much for You, and You need Help Quitting, I Can Help You Quit, With No Withdrawal or Cravings, Easy, I Guarantee It


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