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The Stress, Stress and more Stress of Quitting

smoking health infographic

A survey of 80,000 smokers in 2013 stated that smoke addicts are prone to emotional disturbance more than non-smokers. In fact, the report showed that smokers had a 72 average emotional health index while non-smokers had an 83 emotional health index. With such low tolerance for emotional endurance, smokers are prone to constant worrying about each and every incident happening in their life.

“What”, “Why” and “How” are the 3 disturbing questions constantly nagging their minds. Even the simpler incidents make them worry too much. So, stress becomes a ruler that leads to panic attacks and terrible mood swings. Dark circles, grey hair and wrinkled skins are some of the physical symptoms of constant stressing.

An Isolated Soul

In an interview, once a smoker said, “I could not relate to what others were telling at a time. I tried to give up smoking, but each day, I failed. I found myself cut off from the whole world as I did not find anything interesting anywhere.”

It is a common symptom seen in many smokers, says the Gallup report of 2013. However, often getting cut off is not a depressing experience, says experts; rather, a pleasure in isolation is what smokers enjoy! Being alone in his own world gives the smoker a peculiar happiness. Though this has been considered to be a mental sickness, medical experts recommend smokers to refrain from staying alone.

It is in this respect that the notion to stop smoking arises as a pertinent one.

Smoke Less Today to Quit Smoking Tomorrow!

Nothing happens forcefully in this world. Reports show that people in rehabs also have sudden relapses during their treatment procedures. So, do not fight the “DESIRE”!

As opposed to the common notion, you need not kill your desire to give up smoking. Make your smoking desire a conscious choice to avoid. Rather than taking the road of high and mighty promises to quit smoking every morning, opt for a slow yet successful process of resisting the desire.

To choose or not to choose…

We have talked about the emotional turmoil faced by smokers. All the hubbub of stress and depression can be avoided when you master your desire! And yes, that is truly possible! Rather than becoming a victim, you can consciously start practising to quit smoking.

The subconscious mind is of rebellion kind that makes you fall prey to external temptations. To stop your smoking addiction, you can trick your subconscious.
• Keep your cigarette pack and develop a habit of not smoking from it.
• Make sure not to start counting the days you haven’t smoked.
• Do not plan for the future yet, as relapse can occur.
• Watch other smokers inhale and exhale and imagine you are doing the same thing too!

You need not abolish everything at once. It is not possible! Remember that you are not to prove to anyone but yourself that you CAN quit smoking.

You can give up smoking today and then begin tomorrow. At first, the cycle will not be easy to handle for the deeper desires tend to overgrow you! But mastering over your inner demons who reside in your deep subconscious is only a matter of time!

A wee-bit-o Motivation!

For all those who are struggling with “Quit Smoking” issue, here are a few positive thoughts:
• You cannot beat smoking in a day, so stop trying to do that.
• You do not turn a better human if you stop smoking; neither the worst person if you cannot.
• Use and train your free will every moment you feel the urge to take a puff.
• Grow your self-confidence as well as your self-esteem to stick to your choice.
• Conscious training and retraining of your mind removes the “victim” personality.
With these thoughts, you can easily break from the shackles of “I cannot” loop to quit smoking.

As you set your mind forward with new energy to stop smoking, here are the steps that can lead to the end of addiction!

However, before we delve into the core steps, a little info on addiction effects from Nicotine (read more here)

Nicotine 101

Besides the fact we discussed before that Nicotine does enhance dopamine release, it also works as a central nervous system stimulation. It activates your body’s “fight or flight” responses resulting in a high stimulation alert. Moreover, did you know that this allows a nicotine addict to feel extremely superior to other drug addicts?

The dopamine pathways let you feel, taking nicotine is the only way of survival. You start to feel that smoking gives you the edge, the strength to cope with your life’s issues, and hence, to give up smoking would be horrible.

You become a hostage to this terrible element as now your brain starts to erase all the memories you had of a peaceful and happy life known as “HOME”. But, you do not want that to happen, do you?