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Thank you for considering the easy, withdrawal-free way of

being free from the scourge of smoking using my

USF (Ultimate Smoke Free) service with me,

Tommy Brady.

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Since 2008 I’ve helped literally hundreds of “lifetime smokers” to kick the habit for good, without any cravings, withdrawal symptoms or suffering.

I’m a nationally-recognised expert in the quit smoking field,

and an experienced holistic medicine practitioner in many areas.

Below are some more testimonials from some of my previous clients.

“I am a mother of two and I really wanted to quit smoking . After many failed attempts I felt I would never quit. During one of these my boss came to me and asked what brand of cigarettes I smoked. I told him and off he went but he soon returned with 2 packets of cigarettes and said “you better smoke these or we’ll have to evacuate the building”. I went back smoking. Some months later I went to Tommy and have not had a thought of a cigarette since. I am overjoyed with the ease of withdrawal I had with this method.”  – Deirdre E, 2014

“I smoked for 42 years and tried to quit so many time that I lost count. I tried hypnosis, stop smoking classes at the hospital, patches, gum, cold turkey and other, all to no avail. Tommy Brady stopped me in one session, no withdrawal symptoms, no ittitation, urges, cravings, nothing.  I am so happy to be free of the scourge of cigarettes. ” – Stephen B, 2014

“I was a smoker for 14 years. With family responsibilities and constant health warnings I really wanted to stop smoking. I tried to quit twice, the 1st time lasted 3 weeks, 2nd time lasted 4 months,  was disgusted with myself. I was referred to Tommy Brady , had one session and I haven’t had a craving of urge for a cigarette since. I went to a wedding 6 days after quitting, I did not think about a cig and better still I went to a Stag weekend a week after that, cigarettes never entered my mind. Almost a year later I am one happy non – smoker.  ” – Paula McE, 2013

The Ultimate Smoke Free package includes:

1. All of the sessions that you need to stop (this takes just one the vast majority of cases), conducted over Skype or in my clinic in Cavan.

2. All of the support that you need during the first few days being smoke-free.

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